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Call On President Obama And Congress To Push For A Ceasefire

This should not only matter to me but the whole world, When are we going to learn that nothing changes by killing each other, the only way to stop the fight is to have open discussion and to truly listen and give up a little in order to gain world peace. We have only one enemy and that is the terrorist that want to destroy the world. For country to fight over land, and power is not what God intended for us to do..............their is no Holy land, he gave the land to us all the share, and we are acting like little children, trying to hold onto something we think is just for us alone, but when a child learns if he shares his toys he will get so much more out of it. It's simple, but yet we think by controlling land, money, oil and people, this will make us happy and safe and yet all it has done is create pain and suffering for both sides. We need to put woman in power and take the power away from the little boys who are still playing war games as men, with the same end result for thousands of years. Someone has to stop the madness, it only takes one signature to grow into thousands to let our leaders know what we want them to do, lead us the peace not another war. I voted for Obama, but I am worried now that he is not being lead in the right direction and had good intentions, but has been sucked into the madness of Washington.

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