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Deny The Black Rhino Hunt Permit

The Safari Club is infamous (along with ALL other hunting related organizations and government agencies) for touting that murdering animals for the joy of killing and a dead lifeless worthless trophy on the wall collecting dust simply for heartless greed, ego and bragging rights is claimed to be valid because the money, supposedly, goes toward "conservation". "Conservation" is determined ONLY when the wild animals can be pushed into some sort of control and space that is comfortable, or tolerable, in the human equation by ALWAYS putting the insatiable wants and needs of the human population first as humans failingly try to play God even within its own species while they murder innocent unborn children for profit. This is blatantly obvious if one looks past their own self-centeredness, greed, vanity, ego and selfish ambition which is obviously a serious default in the wealthy circles of society, especially those who take great pleasure and satisfaction in destroying without conscience or moral compass any or all of Father God's Precious Creations which are His Gifts and Blessings to us as His Good Stewards, Angels of Mercy and Guardians on HIS Earth. If one looks at this through our creator's eyes one would quickly see that this earth was made for humans and animals alike to live in peace harmony as first created in the garden of Eden. Mankind (although, "man" has been scarcely "kind" to Father God's humans, animals or earth throughout the history of human's existence) is the Ultimate Predator without remorse or common sense just an insatiable evil desire for power, control and dominance over all it consistently conquers and devours. These hunters laughingly proclaim that murdering animals is their God given right as they claim that man was given dominance over the earth and all living things. What an evil interpretation of Father God's true meaning of Guardianship distorted to justify a free for all of murder and exploitation. There Will Be A Reckoning Of Accountability By Father God For Being Lukewarm, As Well As Evil And Good. So, Choose Wisely! In the end when Lord Jesus returns and evil has been eradicated for all eternity, earth will become Eden again and "The Lion And The Wolf Will Lay Down With The Lamb"..... AMEN! <3

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