Kathleen Belmonte

There's really not much for me to describe. I was married for 28 years. I wish I had the belief in myself and the strength that I could have now. I'm trying to step out and join these wonderful people who have the gumption to stand up for a cause. I have always had a connection and a love and respect for animals.....always. Even bees.....they land on me yet never hurt me. Both my parents died of cancer. My brother and his wife both have MS. My sister-in-law has Parkinson's. My dear cousin's grandson has Asberger's, a milder form of Autism. YET? I chose to be with animals. I feel that most people choose to stand behind health issues, and the animals are left behind. Hopefully, I can make a difference in the lives of our innocent animals, who are merely doing what they do. Thank you.