Jennifer Goodwin

I'm featuring this cause because Those who abuse animals will most likely abuse other defenseless beings (children, elderly, disabled, etc.). These offenders must be sent to jail and given psych. treatment. In the field of work I'm in I see abuse and do all I can to STOP IT. Please help STOP it too! I manage an animal hospital where we see abuse from time to time. It is always is so hard to understand how people can do nothing while their pet suffers. I want to do all I can to help stop people who refuse to see the truth. I teach new pet owners what they are responsible for when they take on a new pet. It's important to educate pet owners on what they need to do, and what is not ok. There are many organizations out there that can help you get care for your animal so money is NEVER an excuse and telling people of these places can stop some neglect as well. Wont you help spread the word too? *Check out all the causes I belong to below by clicking on the links listed to the bottom left of this page. You may find some you wish to join and help support good causes!