Daniel Merrick

Captain Daniel W. Merrick, Ph.D. holds a doctorate in Biblical Linguistics and Iconology and has been studying and teaching the Bible for over 45 years now. Dan has appeared on Cornerstone Christian TV and on 'I'm Just Sayin' on TCT TV network where as well as weekly Shabbat teachings on www.YahsWayTV.org. Dan has written extensive apologetic books on the Messianic Jewish Faith and has contended for the Hebrew faith of Yahshua with such noted theological proponents as Bob Anderson. Daniel's Hebrew name is Daniyah. Dan published a collection of songs in 1993 that had a #33 on the CCM countdown with Bob Sour as well. Author of several books on History, Money, and other subjects, Dan did a translation of the Bible which you can get at www.YahBible.com or through links at www.ThinkYah.org his ministry web site. Dan also has a Messianic and Hebrew roots social network at www.YahsSpace.org FAITH RADIO NOW SYNDICATED ON WRBG 107.9 FM in Millsboro Delaware and on HEBREW NATION RADIO KPJC 1220 AM Salem OR And WWPR 1490 AM Tampa Bay FL on 3 coasts of the USA has proven to build on the previously syndicated shows of Daniel Merrick to make him the "Distinctive voice of Daniel Walter Merrick" as his trademarked personality. Author and creator of Podariffic and syndicated on several internet feeds, Dan appears on SHEMA AM on Hebrew Nation Radio Tue & Thur at 7 AM PT, 10 AM EST and on FAITH RADIO on Wednesdays at 5 PM PT which is rebroadcast on syndicated stations around the world and on the web.