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Stop The Trans Pacific Partnership

We are at the end of the "game" that has been going on for the last six years. The one where 600 corporate executives and lobbyists have written in secret the Trans-Pacific 'Partnership' (TPP) treaty that they have refused thus far to show us or our elected representatives in Congress. The only reason we know any of what's in it is leaks which are terrifying and boil down to a true Global Corporate Coup that would make us the United States of Corporations. I've posted and posted to the point that you MUST understand the meaning of this, that is, loss of democracy and freedom to the .001% ultra-rich corporatists who have written the TPP. PLEASE, JOIN ME IN OPPOSING FAST TRACK TPA and TPP (also TTIP/TISA/CETA, other UNFAIR "TRADE" bills). These are all Trojan Horses, full of poison for the 99.999% of the people. If you have questions about this, call me: 817-921-0433. The individuals in Congress who have been bought lock-stock-and-barrel by the .001% (thanks to the Citizens United decision by SCOTUS) plan to FORCE THE VOTE THIS THURSDAY ON THE FAST TRACK TPA legislation that will cut the legs out from under our Congresspeople and force them to vote on legislation they have not had access to, nor been able to amend or study as they are supposed to do before voting on ANY bill. "FAST TRACK TPA" is the POISON PILL. If it were to pass, our congresspeople will be powerless to make any changes to the TPP. Of the 29 chapters of TPP, only five (5) are even about "trade," the rest are the corporations slicing, dicing, wheeling, dealing, and stealing our freedoms. Please, help us help "WE THE PEOPLE" continue to have a say in how our country is run.

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