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End Whale & Dolphin Hunts By Japan

I'm not sure I can share with mere words what is deep in my heart and soul when it comes dolphins and whales. They are magnificent friendly and fun creatures by nature. The thought of their mass slaughter and capture, for food and entertainment, brings to me great distress and sadness, followed by tears of helplessness. I alone am truly helpless. But with the help of others who share this passion for ending the senseless killing, I have hope. Please please take a few minutes to help me spread vthe word. In the Taiji Cove, Japan continues the practice of cornering these fasinating innocent creatures, whose cries for help continue with desperation. Generations are separated, the young taken captive for a life in a tank whilst they watch on as their families are slaughtered. The mothers shriek for the babies. It's the most disturbing thing I've watched. And it must stop. Japan refuses to address the iissue head on with integrity. They are to busy trying to get the Olympics. I say no go. The world condones this, like myself. Our voices must be heard. Please reach out today, speak up for Flippers mates and all the other dolphins most people have never seen. For example, the Risso. Gorgeous creatures of high intelligence and family values, just like all dolphins, and just like us humans in so many ways......please, spread the word and show your intolerance of the practice NOW. Whilst we can change history and deny Tokyo the Olympics. Thank you.

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