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Stop Any Kind Of Safari Hunting In Africa

I have been to Kenya, twice, on a so called animal safari, I can not, begin to tell you, how few elephants , giraffes , we saw and not one rhino, leopard,(none at all) despite staying on camp sites, in the so called , animal safari park.. During our safari, it became very clear , the lack of security ,for both animals and humans, alike, the so called water holes, that we spent many hours , waiting and waiting , to no avail, the guide kept telling us , it was the wrong time of year, to see any animals, I have been in January and in November, and NEVER seen what I was told I would see. I believe, the truth is, these animals still remain unprotected, and hunted in the hundreds/thousands. The guides are very quick of the mark, to take you, to back street shops, were you can purchase anything from a purse made from giraffe skin, to an ornament made from elephant tusk ,even a key ring, made from a snake of some kind,, do you really think this is right?, will your children/grand children even know what a wild animal is like?. Please help us stop hunting , there are so few wild animals left, so few, it is hard to breed, unless in captivity, and that is not how mother earth, intended PLEASE.HELP, SIGN OUR PETITION , help our wild life survive. THANK YOU

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