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End New York's Law Protecting Rapists Of Children

I feel greatly about this campaign because I am a survivor and it is time for us to step up to the plate and protect our children and make sure they understand the differences of good touch and bad touch and good people from bad people and how to say NO and mean it and don't be afraid to scream or get somebody's attention when they don't feel safe with somebody! I pray to God that we begin today to protect our babies so they get a chance to grow up as great leaders willing and able to speak on any causes they feel deeply about. The time is right now that we begin to speak and not keep this epidemic from spreading any longer! May God bless our children and may they begin to pay attention to all that is around them and beware of how to keep things from escalating and getting too far!! Don't be afraid to say NO and mean it and if you don't be afraid to tell somebody so that this bad person can be stopped before they hurt somebody else!!! Much love and peace and God bless our children!

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