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Abolish 'stand Your Ground' And 'shoot First' Laws

It appears that this law supports the unwarranted HUNTING of the African American Male Youth. Jordan Davis, Trayvon Martin and even MORE recently, Michael Brown. All of these senseless deaths affect me directly because I have two sons and three Grandsons! I understand that NONE of us are perfect but this law has made it so that one perpetrator got off even AFTER being told by police, NOT to follow Trayvon Martin and THEY (the Sanford PD) would handle the situation. You know the end of that "hunting session". It is NOT in our best interest to retaliate physically, because we would be stooping down to the level of ignorance portrayed by the assailants. We need the laws of this land to PROTECT US AND our YOUTH. Please join this worthy cause. If not for the young men in YOUR family. Do it for mine. Thank you.

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