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Someone who understands every life is important and one person CAN make a difference so it is important to stand for what you believe in.

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End Breed Specific Legislation (Bsl) And Abuse

I wrote this 4 years ago for FB about my girl Ginger the plight of those like her is why this campaign matters to me. Ginger's Story March 12, 2010 at 11:07pm Hello,my name is Ginger and I am an American Pit Bull Terrier,and this is the story of how I got adopted and got a forever home. I don't remember much about my life before I was brought to the Washington County Humane Society by local police officers except that I was pretty skinny and hungry, but I tried real hard to be nice. After I came here, I was put in a dog run, not very nice but at least it was warm and I got plenty to eat. I passed all my little tests for showing what a good girl I could be with people and other dogs but my stay here was not to be a short one. I was passed up a lot even though I always tried hard to look cute. Some people thought I looked a little tough and I had so much energy I could never keep very still. Then there was all those negative stories about those dogs that looked like me!! And that funny rumor about red nosed pits being the worse !! I'm not sure what that means cause my nose is not really red and I love everyone. The shelter staff called me Buttercup and my stay was extended because they made me a favorite. Then one day a lady and a teenage girl came to the shelter to look specifically at the pit bulls for adoption. They had adopted a pit bull from Antietam Humane Society some months before and found her to be although shy and a bit withdrawn, not at all like the bad press coverage currently in the local media about pit bulls. Her name had been "Dazzle" shortened to "D" by her young teen owner Jocelyne,she had shown them that are breed of dog was loyal, loving and very intelligent. They were so impressed that when they heard of crowded conditions at the WCHS and a high number of the dogs being pit bulls,they decided to adopt another. Lucky for me I was the first one the young teen picked ,she liked all my energy and spunk!!! Mom wanted to look further but in the end I was the choice. In part because "D" and I bonded like sisters from the start having a great time in our get aquainted sessions. I got sent out to have a funny little thing called spaying done (made my belly sore) but I got over that pretty fast, and my new friends came to see me everyday, I pulled my new mommy down in the dirt on the doggy walk out back of the shelter, WHOOPS!! but it was OK she just laughed and called me high energy!! And within 10 days of meeting Jan,Jocelyne and D they took me home. I was given the name "Ginger" because of my spunky personality. Since then I have met lil Jan, Endigo and Ashley my moms other daughters and though I love the whole family I am primarily lil Jan's dog. She just took me over and now does most of my walks,feeding and grooming.I have learned to walk quietly on a leash, to come when I am called ,and to sit, lie down and shake hands when asked. D and I are still as close as litter mates, though she is a bit bossy (Mom says she is an alpha dog with some issues) I don't mind and mostly let her think she's boss. I have been a part of this family for over 3 years now, D and I both know that we will grow old with this family.Mom says we are her bully girls and the whole family is committed to trying to change the bad image dogs like us have. Since I am the better trained and most even tempered (D is still a bit shy around strangers) I get to meet lots of people and go places showing everyone I meet that all pit bulls are not bad vicious dogs. If you see me out with my family I will gladly show you TOO!! Mom (BIg Jan )says always remember bad dogs are like bad people they come in all shapes, sizes and colors and it is best not to label dogs or people based on things like breeds or race!!! "Ginger"

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