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Hello and thanks so, My name is Lalaka the founder/Principle of Sahar-tv Network &its privilege for Me to Promote the culture and Arts of Afghanistan. Regards!

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hope every one doing terrific and thanks so much for all Your kind support to make changes around the world for healthy life. As We all know the situation around the world , but most important for all over planet to live with love and respect and help each other, today when You see anywhere mass of problems , abusing people , specially women and kids, Young age married and a lot of injustice happened recently around the world and hope to see that people are helping each others make the communities much more higher and richest to put their all afford and knowledge to gather and rebuild the world for Our coming Up generation, Thanks again for all Your kind support to make the world much much more exciting and higher. Rebuild for New Afghanistan for better life. Work for peace and unity. Promote the culture and Arts. improve and encourage the community need with highly respect and regards! sahar-tv Network is the window for better life. Kind wishes!

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