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Freedom For Arturo, The Polar Bear

Hi everyone, after having my dog Spanky that I loved with every fiber of my being and he being the center of my world I realize that we must be the voice of the animals out there that have none. Animals do have feelings, they do become sad,fearful, anxious and happy if we allow for it. For this petition they say they need over 4000 signatures to free him, I have signed up for goal of having 20 people sign this petition. Please help me to save Arturo the bear and get him into a better living habitat situation. We must be the voice for this bear that is living in an unhealthy situation for the entertainment of zoo goers. We should stand up for him and help him get back to his home and what is normal to him. He shouldn't be in high temps he needs us!!! Please pass this along to your friends and family and help sign and save this beautiful creature. Give him his life back!! Peace and love to all

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