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Demand Justice For Moon! Be Her Voice!

BLESS FACEBOOK & the Internet! It has provided the ability for GOOD people to band together to DEMAND JUSTICE for two & four leggeds who are terrorized, beaten and/or killed by SADISTS, MONSTERS & SUB-HUMANS in our midst! There is SO MUCH EVIL that exists, even here in supposedly the modern nations of Earth, we must EXPOSE it (which is why it is SO IMPORTANT that law enforcement give us an INTER-NATIONAL ANIMAL ABUSERS REGISTRY), & make sure the perps are CAUGHT & REMOVED from our society! (Laws applying long term sentences for the ABUSERS behind bars would be a good start!). The kind of psychotic personality it takes to commit such horrors is HEREDITARY (another important reason for the REGISTRY, to expose those who would HIDE their evil, & PROTECT those who would otherwise, UNAWARE, become a VICTIM!). THIS 'person' IS A SADIST WHO WILL HURT ANYONE OR ANYTHING UNABLE TO FIGHT BACK, including any children, elderly or disabled persons unlucky enough to cross his path. PUT HIM AWAY.

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