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Take Action! Stop The Killing And Violence Against Pets By Law Enforcement And Ac Officers!

Cops are the born cowards & bullies among us, thus their love of the job. They get paid (unfortunately it is US, the taxpayers, footing the bill!) to practice the sadism they so enjoy. The difference between firefighters & cops? OPPOSITE ends of the character spectrum! Firefighters run into OBVIOUS danger, hoping to SAVE someone OR something... yes, even if it is the terrified Pitbull backed into a corner of the burning room! Cops creep into POSSIBLE danger, GUNS drawn, hoping to SHOOT someone OR something... ESPECIALLY if it is a beloved family dog that barks at them. Dogs seem to 'scare' EVERY cop so badly, they ALL piss their pants & pull their guns, EVERY time! I have rescued all sizes and temperaments off the mean streets of South Dade County (Miami/Havana North) and never EVER have had to protect myself from an aggressive or apprehensive dog by SHOOTING it. NEVER, EVER! Cops are NOT public servants but lowlife pathetic piss ants, & should be treated as such!

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