Marneen Lynne Fields

Marneen Lynne Fields is an American actress and POP singer. She's been a SAG actress for 35 years. She's also a five time chart topping POP singer and ASCAP composer. She's appeared in 100 film and television shows as a co-star, guest star, character actress, and a stuntlady since 1976. She's had the lead or co-star role in 15 theatrical productions in the Los Angeles area since 1979. She's had extensive training in Stanislavski and Chekhov methods of acting, and has two advanced academic degrees, one in film and one in music. She was mentored by the late, award winning, actor, director, Victor French who starred with Michael Landon in "Highway to Heaven." Look for Marneen Lynne Fields in 2012 as she breaks world wide in a series of music videos, film, television, internet, CDs, radio, commercial, world tour, live performances, and print venues. She's also the CEO, executive producer, creative director, director, and editor of her companies, Heavenly Waterfall (ASCAP) & HWSP (BMI) Song Publishing and Productions. You can view her imdb page here:​marneenlynnefields Please "Like" Marneen's fan page here:​pages/​Marneen-Lynne-Fields-Heaven​ly-Waterfall-Song-Publishi​ng-Productions/​124119584285788?ref=ts