Maryann Reed

My life for years has been working with exotic and wildcat such as bobcats, and mountain lions. I love the exoitic cats. I am sad they are in captvity but they have a better chance of survival. I voluntered for over 13 years. I feel blessed to have raised others lion cubs and tiger cubs and I love them. There is no need to fear them. If you could only know the bond I shared with them. I believe that we were put on this Earth as the caretakers and man in general has done a lousy job of taking caring of the earth esp. pollution and overdevelopment. Also, to take care of God's creatures. Why kill a lion? Why did the goverment give grants to the biologists to reintroduce the Timber wolf to the NW Rockies and now before they are fully recovered they were taken off the Endangered Species LIst.That in my opinion is wrong. We are responsible for them. The same with anyone who owns a captive exotic cat or wild cat and other exotic speciss. You don't just get one I worked hard and learned how to take care of them 6 days a week sometime 12 hrs. Actually alot of 10 to 12 but I loved them and if you get one you are responsible for it for the rest of their life unless you die or can't afford it then you find a suituable home just like a child. I am very sad with the way the world is today all the greed, competition and back door politic in my opinion. I thought growing up if I was nice to people they would treat me nice but the animals treat me better. They comfort me, make me smile and give me comfort when I'm sad and peace of mind just siting with them or by their cage. Try it sometimes you may lik eit.