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Save The Rights & Benefits Of Our Military And Veterans

Being a disabled veteran I realize the huge gaps in the benefits that many veterans receive vs. the benefits they deserve. One of the most under used benefits is counseling for PTSD. With the number of deaths caused by PTSD climbing dramatically daily, there is a SCREAMING NEED for the Veterans Administration to DO MORE than posting a phone number for those veterans that are facing "an emotional crisis" or a "life threatening situation" "then call this number". They need someone "LIVE" to answer the phones and connect those veterans with someone that can help them now. They didn't call because they wanted to play call this number or this number. They called because they wanted SOMEONE TO HELP THEM NOW. Granted, 40-45 years ago we didn't even have that, but we also didn't have as many vets killing themselves then either. Back then, they just "dropped out of society" and many are still there, homeless and pan-handling for every meal. If on of those vets goes to a VA hospital and can PROVE they are a veteran they will get help. The VA says they would do more but they don't have the "funding" to do more. Instead of raising the funding for VA our Presidents and Senators and Congress authorize BILLIONS of OUR money to go to our ENEMIES overseas. It's time for them to start spending OUR MONEY where WE want it to go. We want our tax dollars to help save this generation of Veterans that placed their lives on the line. We want to do more for them than for those that despise us and our country.

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