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Nobody Touch The Dog

If you would have asked me 5 years ago what I would be doing today, I would never in a million years told you that we would be running and operating an animal rescue. However, here we are today trying to make a difference in the lives of other fellow living beings who share our planet. It all started by us being part of the problem, which lead to terrible heart ache and a change of mind to become part of the solution instead. Each living being that comes to our doors gives us an even more intense look at how unique each one really is. Each one comes with their own set of circumstances, their own personalities and their own desires to be loved and cared for. When I look into their faces, and take the time to look into their eyes, I see a piece of me in each one. I see fear, loneliness, sadness, happiness, joy, peace and most of all love. Although what we are called to do with our lives seems at times overwhelming and never ending. We would NEVER do anything different. What we get in return from each companion who crosses our door step is more then what we ever give back to them. Please help me fight for the rights of animals. Help me and others like me to stop the cruelty of slaughtering dogs in China. Together we can and will make a difference. Thank you...

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