Thank you Julia Witteman, for sharing what Zooey Deschanel had to contribute to this conversation when she was 17! Expanding ideals of beauty is part of expanding our consciousness and being part of a world in which women matter for their character and leadership.

This Famous Actress Was A Teenage Feminist And Proud Of It

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The Morning Show joins the movement to get girls to love the skin they're in with their brave willingness to show it like it is.

Why I took my clothes off on national television

Global News
Watch the video above: Blogger Denise Jolly’s “Be Beautiful” campaign features photos of the bodyweight-conscious blogger stripped down to her underwear, with motivational phrases written on her body. Inspired by her campaign, we decided to put the same challenge to The Morning Show team (both behind, and in front of, the camera). Let’s be…Read More
Girls need to be celebrated for taking up the space that they do. Kudos to Sophia Bush for taking on Urban Outfitters for their starvation promo!

Sophia Bush Declares War on Urban Outfitters

Natalie Solomon
Sophia Bush Declares War on Urban Outfitters Sophia bush says that 0 is not a size Natalie Solomon After Urban Outfitters designed a t-shirt marked with the words “Eat Less” on the front, Sophia Bush has decided to boycott the entire fashion outlet. The One Tree Hill actress has always been a strong promoter of healthy body images for…Read More
Miley's performance reflects mainstream ethical principles 'sodden with sexist ideals'. Get your reality check on with this reminder of what 'obscene' really is.

25 Reminders Of What 'Obscene' Really Is

25 Reminders Of What 'Obscene' Really Is By Soraya Chemaly September 19, 2013 People are quick to label things as "obscene" these days—including teen girls' online photos and pop star performances. So Soraya Chemaly wants to clarify what obscene really means when it comes to girls, women, bodies, what they do, what they're for, and what…Read More
"While it’s tempting to frame Nina Davuluri’s win as a victory for equality, let’s not get confused— the Miss America pageant is fundamentally about objectifying women and limiting their possibility to what they look like in a bikini." Thank you Samhita Mukhopadhyay for this important clarification.

Miss America Nina Davuluri Is Not a Symbol of Progress | The Nation

The racist reaction to a South Asian Miss America is a disgrace, but so is the Miss America pageant. Miss America Nina Davuluri poses for photographers following her crowning in Atlantic City, New Jersey. (AP Photo/Mel Evans) About the Author Samhita Mukhopadhyay is a digital strategist at Purpose. Follow her on Twitter. During my…Read More
We've reached over 1700 supporters! Love to everyone who has taken a stand for young women's full expression around the world. Check out our New Zealand Love the Skin You're In tour here!

Love the Skin You're In! | Press - Seminars

This multimedia, motivational event which has reached 50,000 partners internationally with National Youth Week New Zealand, The University of Rochester Medical Center School of Nursing, The Western New York Comprehensive Care Center, YWCA, and Wanderlust Yoga Festival. The National Eating Disorders Association invited Brie to become an expert…Read More
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