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Remove Jacob Zuma As South African President

1. Rapists should NOT be allowed to escape proper legal process and should be handled in such a manner as befits a crime of such magnitude. 2. Economic development is only possible when international traders have faith in the internal structures that define a country, and corruption plays a vital role in determining the confidence, or lack thereof of such investment. 3. Stop our borders from being treated like a public toilet. Secure and manage its marauders. 4. Small to medium size business - the life blood to any economy. Stop making it virtually impossible for small businesses to develop and grow. Or worse, create a legal environment that seems viable on the surface of things but is actually designed to be nothing other than a slow puncture. When examined under proper scrutiny. 5. Nobody want to live in fear of a police state, and if ever this horror where to be realized, have a very, very careful re-look at the way things stand now. 6. Media cramping laws are an indication that people have something to hide. Telling half truths is almost worse than not saying anything. The media is not intended as a tool for governments to use as a means to their own ends (and consequently to misinform) - it is there for accurate reporting of whatever is the TRUTH - THE WHOLE truth. 7. It is time that those of us who have felt immobilized by the way things are (and we all have our reasons..) 8. We outnumber governments conservatively speaking at a ratio of a MILLION to ONE. TAKE YOUR POWER AND USE IT! SIGN THIS PETITION

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