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Fire The Officer Responsible For Shooting Max

This campaign matters to me because animals have no say in life. It breaks my heart that 1 man can take an innocent dogs life away for no reason what so ever. Max was a bully breed. Given a bad name ONLY because of how we the people go about raising/training the Rottweilers. I have been a Rottweiler owner for many years now and let me tell you they are AMAZING dogs; just like any other dog. It's not Max's fault that people didn't like him.. it's society.. we are screwed up. "Never judge a book by its cover?" I wonder how many people really live by that quote.. It honestly makes me very angry.. I could be walking my Rottweiler down the street.. ( my well trained and loves EVEYTHING and EVERYONE Rottweiler).. and at the time someone is walking with a smaller dog... the small dog is trying to go after my " Killer Rottweiler?" My dog just standing there not doing anything but wagging his "nub" wanting to play.. And at this time the small dog owner says " Oh dear that dog will eat you now stop it..?" All I can do it laugh because first of all.. My dog will NOT eat your dog..EVER.. and Second of all YOUR DOG IS TRYING TO ATTACK MY DOG.. People are so blind!! A lot of you know my dog Denali. He loves everyone and all he wants to do it play. All I need is you to sign into this page by connecting with Facebook so we can put this Animal killer behind bars.. Just because you work for the LAW.. doesn't mean you should get away with Murder.

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