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Stop Police And Animal Control Killing Our Pets.

This campaign matters to me because it is very personal in my daughter's life. Recently her dog a beautiful pitbull who wouldn't hurt a flea and wasn't even a guard dog because she would let anybody into the house she was so friendly was shot in the face when the police came and knocked the door down at her boyfriends apartment downstairs from where she lives the dog belonged to my daughter the dog was doing nothing but laying in her bed in the kitchen and of course when someone uses a battering ram to force the door open a dog is going to get up and come to the door but the dog was not aggressive and did nothing but stand there. That poor dog was killed in cold blood shot in the face as she stood there staring at these policemen wondering what was going on in her life. I see absolutely no reason for these dogs to be shot unless they try to attack and even then for what reason do they have to be shot? Animal Control rescues aggressive breeds every day of the week without shooting them all they had to do was bring in a loop to put around her neck and bring her outside to the animal control truck while they searched the apartment. I think we should all get justice for these poor dogs that are shot in cold blood. I recently read about the older man who was pistol whipped when he tried to come between the police and his dogs that were not aggressive breeds and did absolutely nothing to the police that came on the property he tried to stop them from shooting his dogs and grabbed the dogs and hugged them and they pistol whipped a 78-year-old man. What kind of coward does that?

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