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I (We) Support And Will Defend Our American Constitution

America is without a leader that cares for our Constitution as of the past 5 years . We are weary of the hardship that Obama has place on Americans that abide the law.We have a handful in congress that fight for us but can only do so much for us without the other members of congress. It seems to be about Power, control, money, destroying our allies, healthcare control, making us get overtaxed for people struggling hard to work with no hours, spying on us, passing laws without notice, scandles with the IRS having control over who has different political views than them being targeted, border control, Benghazi, fast and furious with no end to it. No investigations,Passing open border to all, enemies having more rights, funding them,Changing our In God we trust for enemies,Common core ,Overspending, Obama taking millions from us for vacations, were we the people can not afford to fill up their gas tanks over priced fuel. Underemployed. Race baiting controlled media and forcing gay rights on heterosexuals and their views on our children. OUT OF CONTROL. Some more? NDAA was passed. Military cuts to who defends us. The Government is suppose to work for the people not the people work for the goverment . We are not a communist country. Where are our Bill of rights being honored? We are living like we are all slaves being lied to daily! Founded on freedom, But silenced, small business closed that supported growth. There is no end. Health care fraud with more lies.America had problems but we held our own. In God we trust but God is also being silenced to please non believers.History being rewritten to imagine what it would be like.There is much more but will let it rest with GOD we trust.

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