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Force Facebook To Block All Child Pornography

Facebook is a household name for millions of people around the world who use it to make friends, share pictures, and discuss common interests. But increasingly, those people include pedophiles who are using Facebook to share images of child pornography and sell kids for sex. Along with others, Men Against Prostitution and Trafficking ( began to uncover the extent of child pornography on Facebook beginning in 2010 – and it's massive. In the course of their research, MENAPAT discovered thousands of false profiles created each month featuring child pornography and code words used to connect with other pedophiles. In one day-long sweep alone, a MENAPAT member found over 1,400 images of child pornography, from toddlers up to 14-year-olds. Child pornography on Facebook primarily manifests through closed groups created by pedophiles to share photos and videos of abused children and through profiles of abused children, created by their pimps or abusers. Often, specific sex acts can be "ordered" on Facebook, and can include extreme violence and heinous brutality. Despite the severity and prevalence of child pornography on Facebook, the company has not implemented effective policies or procedures to prevent child pornography or cooperate with law enforcement to report illegal images. It's time Facebook took child pornography on their site seriously, and made it their responsibility to stop facilitating these crimes. 1 comment Christian Childs Christian Childs Dec 29, 2013 This is just perpetuating censorship and spying. Are you kidding me? Pedophile rings on FACEBOOK? I wouldn't share a secret family recipe on Fedbook! Reply Cranston Warren Cranston Warren Christian Childs 4 hours ago Seriously? So on the off chance that there are such activities occurring on Facebook, you'd prefer they do nothing? Reply How you can help Signed the petition to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, Facebook 146,660 signed 3,340 more needed Please share a reason why others should support this campaign and ask friends and supporters to sign with you. Read more about the petition You have 90 days left to sign. Start a personal campaign to help us reach our goals Show your commitment and inspire your family and friends to take action by starting a personal campaign.

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