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Save The Vietnam Veterans Memorial In Coos Bay, Or

Myself being a veteran of the Vietnam war, it is hard to understand how this cross offends anyone. It has been there for many years, & surely it was not intended to honor only Christians. All thru our history in USA, graves & memorials to the fallen have traditionally been marked by the cross. This was always deemed reasonable as our very roots are as a specifically Christian nation at our founding. We have always credited God as blessing our founders, & because of our belief in God's protection, we've endured thru many hard times. Our military- at war or in peace, has the human right to feel/ believe that we are on the side of goodness & God. It is honorable to serve & die for God & our country if it is needed & these honorable ones who are memorialized here, under a cross, certainly would not begrudge or restrain themselves from expecting that their sacrifice is offered to God as well as country- the cross is a national/ universal symbol of religious priority, & not intended to exclude or forcibly include any. Military life during war can ingrain respect & reliance on others, regardless of personal beliefs. If we, the veterans who remain from this war, find no offense in this memorial, how can our beloved country now decide that God had no part in it all? For an atheist to proclaim at this late date that my brothers & sisters did not die for God & country- in that order, is certainly unfair. Please consider those that this monument stands in tribute to, & allow those of us left, the right to keep the cross at the top, where it has always been. Please sign this petition to save the memorial. Sign it to support the sacrifices of those who willingly died without a care for what memorial would be made, as long as we knew it was for God & country that we served. Please don't let the non-believers remove this simple statement for those who gave their young lives for us to live. Sign so the memorial stands, as they stood for us.

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