Mary Ward-Eaton

As a former journalist, public relations specialist in politics and other fields, I'm accustomed to doing research and making calls to gather information. I was educated in Illinois, attending Monticello College, graduating from Rend lake Colleen College and stu dying journalism at SIU. After working at The Fairview Heights Tribune and The Mt. Vernon Register- News, I had a plant business, had a child and moved to Michigan, where I have lived in three different cities and freelanced writing and operated Editorial Services, an umbrella agency for writing and publishing newsletters and a magazine My retirement was early due to a complicated spinal situation. My motto is "No act of kindness, no matters how small is ever wasted." Yet dogs don't need mottos, they show unconditional love daily! My motto is "No act od kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." -Aesop from dogs, I have learned unconditional acts of kindness, while we humans work at small acts of kindness! They surpass us in so many ways and have no rights.