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Reopen A Case Of John W. Parsons& To Let National Geografic Allowed In Prison

my name is Rhonda and John is my cousin. well more like my brother. we grew up together as our mothers are sisters. this petition is very personal and very important not only to me but our family and close friends. i know John very well and he is NOT the monster the media and law enforcment has described him as. he was not given a fair trial. John knew he didnt have a chance in this small town. as our family isnt rich or popular. officer Cox was a public figure. he was a dare officer. and many people knew and liked Larry. recently we lost a very important and loved woman. Johns mother. it was her wish that her son be given a second chance. he doesnt deserve to spend the rest f his life in prison. our justice system is a joke! we have people killing thier babies who only get a slap on the wrist and serve a few years in prison. im pleading for anyone who will listen to please help us help John Parsons. God has placed a heavy burden on my heart for John and this case. John is the type of man who would literally give the shirt off his back to someone in need. he was a very hard worker who was taking care of his responsabilities as a man. please sign this petition to let National GeoGrafic in the prison to talk to John and let the world truely see who this loving man is. JOHN W PARSONS DOES NOT DESERVE TO SPEND THE REST OF HIS LIFE IN PRISON. THEY DIDNT EVEN FIND A WEAPON! GIVE HIM A FAIR TRIAL! GOD BLESS YOU AND THANK YOU TO THOSE WHO CAN HELP ME AND MY FAMILY.

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