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Pledge To Take A Stand Against Domestic Violence And Child Abuse

When I was very young I got involved with this guy who was obsessed with jealousy. He would pick me up off the ground and drop me. He also hit me all the time so I had to come up with excuses why I had bruises in different places. One year for my birthday he. Gave me a fat lip, I told my coworkers I got hit by a softball, really he threw a cassette tape at my chin. The last time he touched me he had me on the floor and was strangling me . I ran and got away forever. Ain't nobody got time for that . Men and women who are in abusive , physical, mental , or emotional, please know you are better and stronger than that , just make a plan and leave. It is not easy, but you will feel better in the long run. Take it from me , someone who has been there. Please pledge for domestic Against domestic violence

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