Professional R{e}volutionaries ~ What Do You Treasure?

This PROFOUND video by Gia'na Garel, inspires, incites and intensifies the revolution within by asking what we treasure most in society and what is worth preserving to bring about next generation change. Mind altering to say the least. A MUST…Read More

Bernice A. King Elected as President of SCLC

Professional R{e}volutionaries extends a BIG CONGRATS to Bernice A. King for her election as President of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC)! For those of you not in the know, SCLC was founded by Martin Luther King, Jr. and others in 1957 to…Read More

Professional R{e}volutionaries ~ Are We Friends?

I'm thrilled to report that Professional R{e}volutionaries (ProRev) is up to 425 members in a short period of time! 50+ of you started recruiting so I want to make sure that I have personally friended everyone in our membership. If you'd be so kind as to…Read More

250+ Strong

Yesterday we hit the 250 Professional R{e}volutionaries member milestone on FB with very little outreach! Since July 1st, we've picked up 65 new members! In the last 24 hours alone, we've added an additional 30 people to our progressive crew! Let's keep it…Read More

100 Strong Since April 15th Launch

Today we hit 100 Professional R{e}volutionaries after less than a week! Representing from Atlanta, Philadelphia, New York, Detroit, Los Angeles, DC., and as far as London! Let's keep it going everyone! This doesn't work unless are numbers swell! We first…Read More

50 Strong

We just hit 50 members for Professional R{e}volutionaries within 48 hours! Please pledge to recruit your progressive friends! Nothing stopping us, but us when we stop -- let's go get it!!!
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