Looking for a specific entertainer ... unusual wedding request

Hello all ... I am looking for ... a young male "hottie" for a wedding in November at the Ritz Carlton. Age 21 to 30 who can wear snug blue jeans and teach line dancing as a fun activity at the wedding. It is a paying gig ... anyone out there who fits the…Read More

You're Invited to SOLID GOLD to Preserve & Save Arts in Education

SOLID GOLD - You're Invited! Thank you for joining our CAUSE to Preserve and Grow Arts in Education right here in our own community - Every Child's Voice under the direction of Terry "Tbone" Rhodes! This is only the launch point for our goals and aspirations…Read More

Excitement brewing for the SOLID GOLD Concert

We are really excited about the April 6th SOLID GOLD Concert on Monday, April 6th to benefit Preserving and Growing Arts in Education. We hope that all of our CAUSE members will make an effort to attend the dinner show or show-only (limited number of seat in…Read More

Preserve and Grow Arts in Education

Our cause is growing ... join us.
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