BP Research Updates.

All. If you're already a fan -many thanks for your support! If you have yet to click and "like" please follow these steps. Copy/paste link and like: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Heinz-C-Prechter-Bipolar-Research-Fund/130600413639770?ref=ts OR simply search…Read More

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My twin suffered from bipolar disorder, and it destroyed her potential. Let's show our support for this amazing research fund so we can find a cure. This research fund, headed by one one of the world's premier bipolar researchers, Dr. Melvin McInnis, is…Read More

My twin, Hope

To honor the memory of my late twin, Hope Lifton, who will not be with me this July 4 to celebrate "our" 49th birthday, I want to get all of my friends on Facebook to join this very important cause. She suffered from bipolar disorder. Hope died Dec. 16, 2001…Read More

HCP BP Research Fund Page Launched.

If interested, please click on the following link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Heinz-C-Prechter-Bipolar-Research-Fund/130600413639770?v=info#!/pages/Heinz-C-Prechter-Bipolar-Research-Fund/130600413639770 OR simply search for our page via Facebook: Heinz C.…Read More


All. Continued thanks for your support! I received the email below from a gentleman in India. He accurately highlights the intense struggle that is "Bipolar" and wishes us success with our noble mission. Please take the time to read and realize the importance…Read More

BP Research update_11.12.2009

The Prechter project is taking on a life of its own as it continues to collect data/information from participants. Here are 3 facts regarding our research and the progress we've made in recent years. FACTS -437 people enrolled in the Longitudinal Study =26%…Read More


I just wanted to thank everyone for their membership to our cause. Please feel free to post your thoughts/suggestions/personal stories/etc. -and I will try to keep everyone updated. All the best. Stephanie
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