Update 2.12.13

Sylvia's blood work for January was still good. We go back for a check up to Cincinnati in June. Thank you for checking in with us. :)

update 10/5/2012

Sylvia's blood work came back great for October! We are getting blood work done every 3 months and her next appointment is in December. If we continue on this path, she may be off her chemo by 2/2013. Prayers work, thank you.

update 3.23.12

Sylvia had bloodwork in February and March and is consistent with good liver function. We go back to Cincy for a check up in April. I pray for a new course of action that will take Sylvia off all medications. Thank you for the prayers.

update 11.15.11

Sylvia was a very sick little girl months ago & close to a liver transplant. Through prayer, Sylvia's body started to respond to medications & she improved. She was released from the hospital 10/12/10 & continues taking 2 medications daily, blood…Read More

update 1.11.12

Sylvia was taken off her steroids at her December 30th appointment. We got lab work doen on 1.6.12 and had positive results. She gets retested on 2.6.12 and we are praying for her numbers to stay good. It's amazing that is taking only one medication. Thank…Read More

update 8.18.11

Sylvia had her bimonthly blood check and results are still good. We are approaching a one year anniversary from the day she went into the hospital. Thank you for your prayers; Sylvia continues taking 2 medications, seeing the doctor every 4 months and getting…Read More

update 6.13.11

New blood results from Friday confirm that Sylvia is still doing perfect! Thank you God for all your blessings. Her Liver Enzymes were 3. When she went into the hospital they were almost 5,000. In less than a year, she has made great progress. Thank you…Read More
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