Debate at Aarhus university today

Today at 16:15 - 18:00 The Danish juridical critique forum (Red. retskritisk forum) will hold a seminar in the auditorium of law, building 1341, at Aarhus university, denmark. Speakers will be: Tom Behnke, pc and member of the conservative party Simon…Read More

First international volunteer...

..Hi all, We now have our first international volunteer, Laura, for the 'Lolland songwriter festival', where all the proceedings go to and the protection of violated women & children. We still need: - Webmaster - Fundraisers (sponsors &…Read More

Some help in an entertaining way..

Hi there, we have just decided to launch a music festival where the proceedings will go to and thereby battered women. HOWEVER: we need a little help gettin' this awesome show started, both financially and by helpful hands. Please check out:…Read More

Your survey results has been analyzed..

..and thanks for contributing: 50 % of all would pay 20 Euros for a benefit concert w. a Danish artist. 50 % of all would pay 30 Euros for a benefit concert w. a Danish artist. 100 % of all would pay 50 Euros for a benefit concert w. an international…Read More

Double-up this week!

Hi again all We need your help! - There's double up on votes this week, meaning that whenever you vote for me, I'll receive an extra vote. Why YOU should vote for me, instead of the other…Read More

Still need your help with voting!

H again, a week ago I posted a bulletin about voting for a competition, where we could win 365 days in a Radisson Blu hotel. As this is for charity only, I'll try to appeal to your…Read More

Help with your vote please

Hi All, I have entered a competition, to win 365 days in a hotel. These I intend to use when travelling around the world for the different charity events I support (I pay my own hotel and accomodation, when doing charity). Would you be kind enough to vote…Read More
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