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Answers to questions I have been receiving:

Hudson residents, there is still time to sign the petition regarding the police officer fired for being pregnant! I wanted to answer some questions I have been getting in case these are ones you have:

Did she sign something saying she can't be pregnant?  

> No and the Illinois Human Rights Act would make this illegal, as it names pregnancy as a human right and says employers (public and private) cannot discriminate based on it.  

She can't do her job, so isn't it ok to fire her?  

> No. Illinois has a law saying that pregnancy must be treated the same as anything else that causes an employee to be on short term disability. In Hudson, the police chief had to be on short term disability for a lung transplant in 2015. He kept his job, his insurance, and his full salary. This pregnant officer must be treated in the same way.  

Did she really get fired for being pregnant or was there another reason? 

> The stated reason in her termination paperwork is, being pregnant, she has a 25lb lifting restriction and that prevents her from being able to do her job as normal until after the baby is born. This is a standard restriction for pregnant officers and police departments all across our country make adjustments as Hudson should have. See question above.  

Is there more to this story? 

> Yes. Officer Sprout and two other Hudson officers reported that Chief Sparks engaged in alleged criminal activity to the Hudson Village Board. Two of these officers have since been fired and a third left Hudson police department for another city. Hudson now only has 1 part time officer working. 

If you'd like to sign the petition, please do so here:  https://www.causes.com/posts/999014 Everyone is welcome to sign it, though this is especially for Hudson residents.

Campaign closed

Please sign this petition to let the board members of Hudson know that its residents do not support political cronyism or unethical employment decisions. Read the full petition for details surrounding the firing of Officer Sprout for being pregnant.

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