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In 24 hours, we've collected 1,157 signatures! Thank you all for your support. We will continue to collect signatures until the Hudson Board meeting.

Hudson residents, would you consider joining me in attending the board meeting? I will be presenting the signatures and asking the board to make things right. You are welcome to speak (calmly and respectfully) or just be there to show you care about what is going on. Signatures are important, but coupled with physical presence, I'm confident those who have done wrong will make things right or else will leave office.

The meeting is Tuesday October 3, 7pm at Hudson Library. I'd love to hear people will be joining us!

Campaign closed

Please sign this petition to let the board members of Hudson know that its residents do not support political cronyism or unethical employment decisions. Read the full petition for details surrounding the firing of Officer Sprout for being pregnant.

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