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On September 5, 2017, Police Officer Kayley Sprout was fired by the Village of Hudson IL because she is pregnant. She immediately lost her source of income and her insurance and has a child on the way. The official reason for her termination: "the Village must regretfully dismiss you from the Village as an employee because of your inability [to] perform in the position you were hired to do. We welcome you to re-apply for employment with the Village once your lifting restrictions have been removed."

This violates the Illinois Human Rights Act (775 IlCS 5/1 et seq.) and its amendment (P.A. 98-1050) which requires employers to make reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees just as they do for other employees who need short term disability adjustments. In 2015, Hudson Police Chief Dale Sparks had lung replacement surgery, which required the Village to significantly adjust his duties and allowed him substantial time off while keeping his position and staying on payroll. While the Village claims they have the right to terminate Officer Sprout's employment because it would put undue hardship on the Village, they clearly made significantly greater allowances for Chief Sparks. This reason is a thin veil for discrimination and cronyism.

The real motivation for Officer Sprout's firing may be this: earlier this year Officer Sprout reported to the Illinois State Police's Division of Internal Investigations that Chief Dale Sparks engaged in criminal activity. It appears that Sprout was then terminated in retaliation. This violates the Illinois Whistleblower Act, which protects people like Sprout who are serving the community by disclosing corruption. Another officer, Jeff Gabor was also terminated after reporting Chief Sparks to the Village board regarding criminal activity. A third officer, Josh Payne, left the department in the midst of all this turmoil.

Please join me in signing this petition which is taking a stand with these officers and against injustice and corruption in our local government.

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Please sign this petition to let the board members of Hudson know that its residents do not support political cronyism or unethical employment decisions. Read the full petition for details surrounding the firing of Officer Sprout for being pregnant.

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