I have no doubt that the reason Kaepernick is not playing this season is because of his civil "disobedience" in calling attention to the racism that exists in this country toward all people of color, but especially Black men. We've seen video evidence over and over of police violence and hooliganism instead of non-biased policing. If you are a black man or woman and get stopped by the police, your chances of walking away healthy aren't good. That has to stop. Calling attention nonviolently, with acts of civil "disobedience" to this bias and cruel aggression is something all Americans should do. And to make matters worse, we have a pathetic despot for President. He is a disgrace to all Americans who value civility, the First Amendment, and equality. 45 is an ignorant bigot. Kapernick is a role model in my opinion.

Cynthia Copeland

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