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The Goal. To stop research laboratories from excessive experimentations and slaughter of dogs and other animals.

The Problem. From being subjected to numerous testing to being kept in inadequate spaces to seeing their fellow animals suffering the same fate, laboratory animals receive some of the most unethical treatment from humans. The most disturbing fact of all is that these animals are slaughtered when no longer needed to avoid overpopulation in the lab.

Humans have constantly proclaimed that we are above in the order of the species, but these kinds of inhumane actions make us no different than the animals that we are supposed to protect.

The Solution. There should be clear laws as to how research laboratories should treat animals in their possession. Scientific experiments should not be performed more often than necessary, and there should be set standards regarding the environmental conditions that these animals live in. Animals are living, breathing beings who require care and attention and deserve the right to live, just like we do. There’s no reason to kill perfectly healthy animals, especially dogs, who can actually find loving families to spend the rest of their lives with.

It’s one thing to keep an animal for a scientific experiment, but it’s another to treat them like a piece of used lab equipment to be disposed of when not useful anymore . Please help us win this fight by signing this petition and spreading the word.

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