Sergio Barbesta
Sergio Barbesta campaign leader

Our request is to set all captive mammals free and we need your valuable and humane support. Our future generation can go sea bound and see these beautiful creations in the ocean where they belong, that’s how God meant it to be.

We’re doing something which we wouldn’t want to be done to us, It’s pure sin and cruelty. Which God didn’t bestow on us. Let’s treat every being created by God respectfully and let them be where they belong. We wouldn’t like it to be a voiceless forced show spectacle, trapped and in helpless at the mercy of others decisions. Then why, would we want that for any living being?

It’s not just about, ‘Kasatka’, It’s to save many more ‘Kasatka’ life’s and to end this way.

Help save lives; let’s not let any life suffer with voiceless pain. Let’s work towards letting them live freely in their own environment and not use them for our experimentation or entertainment. If we wouldn’t like to be treated this way, then we shouldn’t treat another life in that manner too.

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