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The Goal. To require oceanariums and marine-themed parks to release all their captive marine mammals.

The Problem. We may be fascinated by seeing marine creatures, especially cetaceans like whales and dolphins, up close and personal, but have you really thought about how they live on a day-to-day basis? Most of them have been torn apart from their families as a baby, and were forced to breed at a young age. In order to perform all those amazing tricks, they are often starved, so that food will be their primary motivation. In the wild, these animals could live up to 100, but are only living up to 50% of their full lifespan on captivity.

The Solution. By boycotting all those marine-themed parks and oceanariums, we are making a stand against the exploitation of marine mammals. Be sure to write to your state representatives so that the present laws regarding marine mammal welfare will be improved. Let us fight together so that the capture and display of these animals will be stopped forever. Unless there’s a law that is strictly in force, businesses will continue to take away cetaceans from their loving homes and use them for profit.

This petition was started by The SUP Guru to help preserve our waters and the beautiful species that live in it. If you’re looking for a water sport that lets you engage in an active and healthy lifestyle but has no impact to marine life, please check out this link

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