Manuel Miller
Manuel Miller campaign leader

The Goal. To put an end to the growing number of animal cruelty cases in China and in India by enforcing a ban on leather imported from these countries.

The Problem. Every year,billions of animals all over the globe are slaughtered for their skin, which is a valuable commodity in the leather industry. Most of the imported leather we see today comes from China and India, two nations known for having terrible animal protection laws. In China, cows are not the only animals exploited for their skins. Around 2 million cats, dogs, and other animals suffer through extreme cruelty each year just so their skins can be made into leather. In India, where cows are supposedly sacred, there are still an alarming number of places where these majestic animals are treated like dirt, forced to march long distances without food or water, tails broken, and chili or tobacco rubbed around their eyes to keep them moving.

The Solution. Both China and India are able to get away with these appalling practices because there is a growing demand for leather. Putting a strict ban on the importation of leather coming from these two countries will almost certainly cripple both the Chinese and the Indian leather industries, forcing them to seek profit elsewhere and hopefully keep them from torturing more animals for their skins.

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