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Paul Schulman campaign leader

On July 18th, 2015, Lauren Baruch, Amy Grabina, Brittney Schulman, and Stephanie Belli were killed in a tragic limousine accident on Eastern Long Island. What started out as a normal day for the family and friends of these women, ended in the most tragic and unforgettable day. L.A.B.S (Lauren, Amy, Brittney, Stephanie) is a petition to bring awareness and justice to the horrific event that occurred on July 18th, 2015.

The accident occurred on County Road, route 48 in Cutchogue, NY when the driver of a stretch limousine made a U-turn on a double lane road where no signal was indicated for on-coming traffic. As the driver made the U-turn, an oncoming driver with limited time to react, collided with the limousine which ended in complete disarray. A day in which 8 women decided to be safe and take what was supposed to be safe and reliable transportation, turned into the complete opposite. A day in which the limousine driver was told by Lauren's mother; "you have 8 precious lives in this limo. Bring them home safely’, was , due to his negligence, shattered .. Eight women went to the wineries for a fun, exciting day, and only four came home, only to begin what will be the toughest journey of their lives.

Today, two years after the accident, it is still a struggle to come to a decision on who is held responsible for this accident. Every single day the families, friends, loved ones, and unrelated individuals are reminded of the accident and the details involving the loss of 4 beautiful women. This petition is to advocate not only for Lauren, Amy, Brittney, and Stephanie, but for anyone who considers limousines as a reliable transportation option. Therefore, we propose the following:

1: Limousines should NOT be permitted to make U-Turns. Place a turning arrow for vehicles on either side of the road so oncoming traffic, while at a stop, remains as signals alert turning vehicles to proceed

2. If a limousine makes a U-Turn and is struck by another vehicle resulting in the death or injury of its occupants, the driver should be held criminally, or otherwise, responsible if the crash was as a result of the U-turn. All signage at the site of County Road 48 should reflect that U turns made by limousines and other large modes of transportation are illegal and will be consequential if attempted.

3. Limousine drivers should be mandated to a comprehensive training program to include practical examination, along with written examination upon successful completion of courses on specific operations of this vehicle. (There is currently no formal training for limousine driver safety awareness).

4. The internal/external structure of a limousine should meet the federal standards that all other vehicles meet for safety regulations. The entire structure of the vehicle should be examined and specifications for stringent safety engineering should apply and conform to federal safety standards. Additionally, seat belts should be instituted and used in limousines as they are in other vehicles.

5. Precedence for limousine accidents should be set forth by the events of July 15, 2015, and guidelines for proceedings should adhere to the events of that specific crash,whenever possible from this point in time going further.

Please sign this petition to help us bring awareness to the above conditions that WE want to be changed. Our goal is to prevent an accident like this from occurring again. Today, large busses and limousines continue to make U-Turns at the exact location of where this accident occurred, and continue to endanger the lives of many people. Help us save others’ lives, help us make a change. Limousines are a frequently utilized form of transportation, and need to be safer not for its occupants, but everyone else on the road. One decision impacts an entire community. Let’s make some changes.


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