Roger Dobson
Roger Dobson campaign leader

Travis Fletcher could have Prevented this needless Slaughter of the Smackout Pack, He chose to Ignore his Public Duty!

What can YOU DO? Call his supervisors listed below and SIgn this Petition:

Travis Fletcher, needs to loose his USFS Position for Ignoring the Public!

Travis Fletcher USFS Violates Mandates upon him under the Public Trust by failing to close grazing allotments in known Wolf Den locations.

Travis Fletcher was served a petition with 5,000 signatures prior to the March 29, and 30th WAG meeting. Travis knew from the September meeting that he was going to have the very same issues again in 2017. Travis told Protect The Wolves™ at the September 2016 WAG meeting that he had the power to close allotments when it interferes with other wildlife, wolves included. Travis Fletcher works for the public. Not The Ranchers who have been influencing him. Travis we are told also raises Cattle, which might lead a prudent Individual to think he could care less about Wildlife, and more about his Rancher Buddies....

It has been Reported that Travis Fletcher stood up at the beginning of the March 29th and 30th 2017 WAG meeting, that he stood up in the very beginning and said He will not be discussing the banning of any grazing Allotments.

Call His Supervisors, Numbers Below ;) CALL for him to be TERMINATED!
Travis Fletcher, Colville USFS Grazing Allotment Manager chose to Ignore his Public Duty! He needs to loose his USFS Position for Ignoring the Public and the Indian and Public Trust Mandates Upon Him.

James M. Peña, Regional Forester
(503) 808-2204
Pacific Northwest Region
U.S. Forest Service
1220 SW 3rd Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97204-3440

Rodney Smoldon, Acting Forest Supervisor
(509) 775-7400
Colville National Forest
765 South Main Street
Colville, WA 99114-2507

Joshua White, Acting District Ranger
(509) 738-7700
Three Rivers Ranger District
255 W. 11th Avenue
Kettle Falls, WA 99141-9526

Michael Herrin, District Ranger
Republic Ranger District
650 East Delaware Ave.
Republic, WA 99166-9701



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