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Marquis needs to be with his mother so he wont continue to be abused, neglected and exploited and can have a quality of life. He has a right to be able to enjoy a family life which the corrupt "flaw"yer Erin Sanford of The Nigh Law Group, LLC and governments in Ohio has denied. It is a major violation of constitutional rights when a family relationship is denied, especially when no abuse or neglect has occur between those family members! Marquis hasnt been abused and neglected by his mother who is has been an RN for 30 years but he has been abused, neglected and exploited by Sanford and others for federal funds. This is the last time i was able to "see" or "view" my son Marquis which was on July 8, 2015 and he was crying over me and didnt want me to leave him. He had gained a massive amount of weight from the Thorazine & Lithium he is forced to take. His hair was dirty, long and matted. He had on dirty clothes, a dirty long-sleeved sweat shirt that was too hot for him. He developed a very itchy skin condition all over his body that he is having light treatments twice a week to treat. Marquis continues to suffer from abuse and neglect and exploitation and continues to miss me, his mother and his home! Where is Marquis' right for life, liberty and a pursuit of happiness, let alone justice???? He has had none in the corrupt, evil, wicked and racist government system in this country! For Marquis' well-being, he needs to be with his mother!

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