Myra Tanksley
Myra Tanksley campaign leader

July 11, 2017
I have not heard from nor seen my 24 y/o autistic son Marquis who is suffering and being continually abused, neglected and exploited by:
- Atty. Erin L. Sanford (The Nigh Law Group, LLC) Columbus, Ohio
- State of Ohio government and their Attorney General's Office and their Department of Developmental Disabilities
- Franklin County, OH government and their Probate Court and their Board of Developmental Disabilities in Columbus, OH
- Consumer Support Services, Inc., Newark, Ohio - Others who are aligned with this evil, corrupt and wicked system.

Marquis has not been heard from nor seen and is being hidden and isolated from the only person who truly loves, cares and advocates for him, his mother. The last time Sanford allow my son to visit with me was on March 15, 2015 and the last time i was able to "view" him was on July 8, 2015. The last time he was allow to call me was on May 13, 2017. Because of the horrific treatment of my son by Sanford, the government and the abusive, unfit staffing agency, Marquis could be critically ill, incapacitated or even dead. For Marquis well-being and his right to a quality of life, SEND MARQUIS BACK HOME TO LIVE WITH HIS MOTHER!

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