Grant Malcolm Mc Ilrath
Grant Malcolm Mc Ilrath campaign leader

To educate others by sharing the information about unsustainable Porcupine curio products: their defensive quills "Pied Ivory".

​Simply by helping to create an awareness in others about how wild Porcupine are being exploited and killed for their defensive quills for unsustainable decorations in guest houses and curio products.

​By not supporting the purchase or distribution or demand for these unsustainable Porcupine blood products, the Porcupine can be protected in their natural habitat.

Elephant ivory is a controversial topic and yet the "Pied Ivory" of killed Porcupine is not even considered as populations are decimated and exploited for tourism and curio products for unsustainble profit.

​Quills are not simply picked up and collected in vast numbers...these quills are shed naturally, but Porcupine are killed for greed to take all their quills to supply the demand for these decorative trinkets. Similar to the wild fur or ivory trade.

By asking suppliers where the quills actually came from, and how such great numbers have been collected, the truth about these quills and their trade can be revealed for the exploitation of wildlife that it is.

​Simply by employing Conservation Through Education, information can be freely shared to help combat the unsustainable exploitation of Porcupine for their defensive quills "Pied Ivory".

By removing the demand for these wildlife products the supply will be reduced due to the public being informed and empowered to make ethical choices to protect our wild Porcupine heritage.

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