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I live with fibromyalgia. Its a debilitating cruel disease with no cure. My rheumy diagnosed me in 2000 & today I had a chk up & yep all these years later theres still no cure & Im still very much ill. Especially carrying injury, arthritis, issues after surgeries, bone on bone in neck & condronchitis. Its a matter of maintaining the pain. I tried everything under the sun. For me having a good care plan is paramount, & Ive worked on getting one for years & today I have a good team around me. Hydrotherapy, meditation, psychology, massage, & having a healthy diet. I dont drink but Im on anti deps & anti inflamms & take a host of supplements. Its called the invisible disease because you cant see it or tell if another person is in pain or not. Its very difficult for peeps to understand this chronic wide spread body pain issues we/ I live with. Its very unfair to be dealt such a bad card this life round. I had severe whiplash when I was 16 in high school, a difficult upbringing, divorce, abandonment issues, the list goes, & these have attributed to my fibromyalgia. They say it starts with either physical or mental/ emotional trauma & before you know it youre sick as a dog in pain from head to toe in all muscles, joints, tendons, ligaments, fascia & soft tissue. Before I was diagnosed in 2000 I had about 15 years of chronic pain no one knew what was wrong with me as I never responded to any treatments & I was spending a lot of money on a lot of different specialists, health guru's, naturapaths, acupuncturists, MRI's, Xrays, CT scans, physio's, chiro's, osteopaths the list goes on. When the rheumy gave it a name I was relieved in a sense but it didnt stop the pain & the many tears I cried & still do to this day. Its a good release to cry & let it go. You have to accept it & live one day at a time & do what you can to ease such shocking pain & misery. Its a vicious cycle living with chronic pain & depression, they go hand in hand, coz living with pain 24/7 can send you cray cray, which gives you more pain & the more pain the more depression etc etc. I live in hope that one day they will find a cure to this devastating dis-ease, so until then I keep on keeping on living as best as I can with gratitude, & appreciation that I can still smell the roses.

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