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This campaign is to save the polar bears from extinction. I want to help save the polar bears because they are a unique animal that future generations should be able to enjoy. Polar Bears are an apex predator therefore they are vital part of ecosystem in the polar region, taking them out of the delicate balance of the environment would cause issues for other creatures and the balance of the natural environment.
Climate change is depleting their population because they are losing habitat from the ice melting and food supply is getting harder to get to because of this.
I believe as the Environmental & Energy Minister you are in a positon of influence and will be able to help implement changes to government policies that will stop greenhouse gas admissions. Your support will create change and awareness in the Australian Community hopefully then influencing other nations to do the same.
The support is vitally important because we need more people to have an understanding on what we are doing to these poor Polar Bears and how we can save them.

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