Samue Stevenson
Samue Stevenson campaign leader

My goal for the video is to open the eyes to the people who think using animals for entertainment is ok. The video will hopefully make viewers think twice before buying tickets to the next animal circus. It is important that people watching this video help me reach the goal. It is important that the goal of this video is reached so that animal circuses can be stopped for good and that the animals can be freed back into a natural environment. If the goal is met viewers will sign my petition to stop animal cruelty and animal circuses. The more people to sign my petition the more chance that the Minister of Agriculture will ban animal circuses for good.
Anyone who views this video will be shocked by both the frightening facts and graphic images. Viewers will be influenced by the graphic images but especially the image of the elephant chained up in the back of a truck suffering in pain and being transported to another show. This picture is just a glimpse of how the animals are transported around as a part of touring circuses. In the video I’ve used descriptive adjectives such as harmful and unnatural to describe the picture displayed. The song in the background will set the mood and viewers will be captivated with the mixture of graphic images and a downbeat song with strings and wind instruments.

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