Cowichan Tsou'halim
Cowichan Tsou'halim campaign leader

When persons moved into Cowichan; they were migrants or came here for fishing. they were allowed to live and go fishing but they did not own lands. Many families today, come from the migrating native or from non-native immigrant peoples from Ireland, Wales, or England. A person cannot own lands, unless they marry into someone that owned lands; the way it goes, according to cultural tradition and in agreement with Aboriginal Affairs, it was a Gift of Lands for a Gift of Lands in Equal Partnership from one Chieftain to the Next in accordance to Cultural Marriages. As like my mother gaining a huge gift of lands, for marrying my father or visa versa. One does not come here, that is Irish and marry into our peoples whom owns nothing; they just stole lands from native peoples through internal powers. Our Hereditary Chiefs did not give them lands. In fact, they were pushed out to the skirts or off the highway to live. Today, they have stolen a lot of lands from band elections and internal powers taking control of our money. Land and money that belong to Native Peoples of Cowichan. If you ask them for their Registries of Births, you would find that they are NOT Cowichan, Not Native. Again its a difficult task, we have to take them to court. Which is hard, because they paid for lawyers all around the area, meaning no lawyer to go up against them because they work for them.

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